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How to purge warning message while systhesyzing dual-port rom wrote by systemverilog?

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Hello, everyone! 

I want to use a dual-port rom in my design, and initialize it with datas which depends on user specified parameter in code. So the IP core named lpm_rom couldn't be used because it could only be initialized through a .mif file generated before coding. 

I copied the template code of 'True dual-port rom' from Verilog category of QuartusII's code-templates, and put them with my changing into a file named "" for testing, just like this: 

module dual_port_rom# (parameter DATA_WIDTH = 8, ADDR_WIDTH = 8) ( input addr_a, addr_b input clk, output reg q_a, q_b ); // Declare the ROM variable (* romstyle = "M-RAM" *) reg rom; // Initialize the ROM with loop intial begin for (int i = 0; i < 2**ADDR_WIDTH; i++) rom = (DATA_WIDTH)'(i); end always @(posedge clk) begin q_a <= rom; q_b <= rom; end endmodule  

But when I synthesis it as a top module, the Quartus II reports three warning message: 

Net "rom.data_a" at has no driver or initial value, using a default initial value '0' Net "rom.waddr_a" at has no driver or initial value, using a default initial value '0' Net "rom.we_a" at has no driver or initial value, using a default initial value '0'  

In the Hirachy window of Quartus II, I found that the synthesis tool had implemented this module with a core named "altsyncram". 

The question is: I didn't declare any port for writing function, and even any port named with the name listed in warning message, why does the synthesis tool report those three warning? How can I purge them?
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altsyncram has a parameter OPERATION_MODE that could be changed to "ROM". This makes those three ports not available and no warning will be reported.