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How to use ViewDraw/EDIF with Quartus Prime Lite v16.0

I am a computer science professor new to FPGAs although experienced with digital logic and computer architecture. I am trying to understand and adapt some lab assignments that I got from another professor for use with Patterson & Hennessy's Computer Organization and Design. The instructions call for the use of Quartus Prime Lite Edition, which I have installed (v16.0). 


The instructions in the lab assignment for creating projects say: 

Click Next to go to the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Tool 

Settings. Set the Design Entry/Synthesis Tool name to ViewDraw  

using EDIF (Electronic Design Interchange Format)  

Click Next and Finish to create your new project. 


In the EDA Tool Settings options, I do not see ViewDraw or EDIF as options. Can I get them through an add-on or is another option equivalent? My tool options are Precision Synthesis, Synplify, Synplify Pro, and Custom. 


Thank you.
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