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Impossible to generate a preloader with cyclone V



I have a problem to generate the preloader with the DE0_Nano_Soc.

The configuration is the following:

Quartus Lite 18.01 and DS5 standard edition V18.01 on Windows 10,

I created a sample project following the documentation: SoC-FPGA Design Guide DE0-Nano-SoC Edition / LAP – IC – EPFL / Version 1.32 of Sahand Kashani-Akhavan & René Beuchat.

I can compile the quartus project without error but with a lot of warning: (826).

Then I ran BSP-Editor without problem.

Then I change the directory and launch the command “make”:

cd C:\intelFPGA\18.1\DE0_Nano_Soc_demo\hw\quartus\software\spl_bsp


I had to modify the path environment variable as follow:

QUARTUS_ROOTDIR                    C:\intelFPGA\18.1\quartus

SOPC_KIT_NIOS2                         C:\intelFPGA\18.1\nios2eds

QSYS_ROOTDIR                            C:\intelFPGA\18.1\quartus\sopc_builder\bin


But I got this error:

Error No rule to make target DS5 uboot-socfpga.tar.gz needed by uboot-socfpga/.untar

What can I do ?

Thanks for your help

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This issue comes when using SOC EDS tool to generate the preloader. After creating the new HPS and BSP settings file, make command is giving a failure

Check below link:


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.


Best Regards,

Anand Raj Shankar

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