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Kernel Emulation Device not found

Hi everyone. I managed to compile a kernel in emulation mode. Now I was trying to run it from my host program and I can find an Altera Platform but when I try to retrieve the devices it can't find any. 

I have looked on the Intel FPGA pdf for the configuration and they say to add a DWORD on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altera\Boards" with the name as the full path to the dll file of the board which in my case is: terasic_apb_16_0_mmd.dll. When I do this the program outputs:  


Error: Could not load board library C:\altera\16.0\hld\board\terasic\windows64\bin\terasic_apb_16_0_mmd.dllWarning: Cannot find any Altera board libraries. No Altera devices will be loaded. Error: Could not load board libraries successfully. 


But I have set up all enviroment paths and so on. Why is this happening?! 


Thank you
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