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License server service not starting


We've got the FlexNet software loaded on a server providing licenses for an array of applications including Quartus. Using LMTools, I can't start the service or read the file directly. However, going to the command line and starting LMGRD manually, pointing to the license file, everything starts, users are getting licenses, going back into LMTools after starting I can read the file and diagnostics show it as up and online.


If the server is rebooted, the Quartus file stops being available until someone goes in and manually restarts it. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

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Could you kindly, re-confirm again the license setup process. You need to specify new location of the license file using the LM_LICENSE_FILE system variable. You need to set your LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the license that Intel provide. c:\intel\license.dat or something similar.

2nd could you also ensure the port number. The port number is required for Windows systems and it should be outside of the 27000-28000 range and be unique on the machine. For example, 1800.

Please stop and restart the server after assigning port number. You need to allow the firewall access to the port number from both server and client machine. refer this to your license server admin


You can refer to link on how to set environment variable.  


You can also refer to the link below on Starting and Stopping the License Server

Refer this following youtube for license setup.    


Hope this helps.

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I've set the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to the folder containing the file, as indicated by the link provided.

The port is set to 1800 in the license file.

The path for alterad and mgcld in the license file have been confirmed.

LMTools -> Config Services, I've confirmed the path to lmgrd points to the same one I use from the command line, the path to the license file is correct.

After starting lmgrd from the command line, LMTools server status shows all licenses available, and my users are able to use them. <-- But ONLY if I start it manually from the command line.


Using LMTools, "Start server" throws an error: Server Start Failed. The Server May Already Be Running!" Using "Stop server", I get "Unable to Stop Server". "Reread license file" = "Reread server failed". From the command prompt, I can run the "lmgrd -c license.lic", and status inquiry from LMTools shows everything running like a champ. I just can't start/stop from LMTools, and if the server reboots for any reason, that license is unavailable until someone logs in and starts the altera license manually.


In the process of things this morning, I noticed:

After setting the environment variable, "List all vendor paths" showed the path entered in the variable, ending with *.lic. The downloaded file from Intel is .dat. After renaming the file to *.lic, "LIst all vendor paths" showed the full path including the filename, not just the folder.

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