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Modelsim –intel 10.5c reported a Fatal Error when I was simulating Intel FFT ip core


Hello Sir/Madam,


Basic Information Quartus prime pro 17.1 + Modelsim-Intel Starter edition 10.5c +Arria10gx


I generated an Intel FFT ip core, because  option to generate a design example is in grey color and not available to choose on IP platform designer.

,so I have make my own one, I have installed 1 fft and ifft into my top level design. Acturally ,I was trying to duplicate the example I downloaded from Intel forum, but example uses different version and different device .


Because design also has rom and counter unit, so I have to to manually compile them into work library in modelsim.


1,source tcl msim_setup.tcl

2, ld

3, manually add top level signals of testbench into waves window

4,run –a

5,check the waveform, I can see the many signals are working as I expected, but suddenly stop in below stage


The error part is not my design, and it seems the low level library being called by upper design, I have no idea how to to fix them.

I have close the modelsim,  restart ,computer and simulated it again, got exactly same result as before.

# ** Warning: NUMERIC_STD."=": metavalue detected, returning FALSE

#   Time: 180 ns Iteration: 1 Instance: /a_tb/DUT/u0/fft_ii_0/auk_dspip_r22sdf_top_inst/r22sdf_core_inst/gen_natural_order_core/gen_stages(0)/r22_stage/gen_bfi/bfi_inst/bf_control_inst

# ** Fatal: (vsim-3421) Value 5 is out of range 0 to 4.

#   Time: 180 ns Iteration: 1 Process: /a_tb/DUT/u0/fft_ii_0/auk_dspip_r22sdf_top_inst/r22sdf_core_inst/gen_natural_order_core/gen_stages(0)/r22_stage/gen_bfi/processing_bfi_cnt_p File: ./../../../../myfft/altera_fft_ii_171/sim/mentor/auk_dspip_r22sdf_stage.vhd

# Fatal error in Process processing_bfi_cnt_p at ./../../../../myfft/altera_fft_ii_171/sim/mentor/auk_dspip_r22sdf_stage.vhd line 803


Any suggestion is welcome






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Hi Jim,

My first debug step would be, go to auk_dspip_r22sdf_stage.vhd line 803, figure out which variable is implicated and adjust its declaration range. This may fix the problem or cause another. But it might give you a clue.




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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am running into the same error.


Here is a description of the problem:

  1. The simulation runs initially but stops with a fatal error once the FFT begins sourcing samples

    # ** Fatal: (vsim-3421) Value -1 is out of range 0 to 4.
    # Time: 21980 ps Iteration: 1 Process: /ifft_tb/u0/auk_dspip_r22sdf_top_inst/r22sdf_core_inst/gen_natural_order_core/gen_stages(0)/r22_stage/gen_bfi/processing_bfi_cnt_p File: ./ifft_ip/simulation/submodules/mentor/auk_dspip_r22sdf_stage.vhd Line: 789
    # Fatal error in Process processing_bfi_cnt_p at ./ifft_ip/simulation/submodules/mentor/auk_dspip_r22sdf_stage.vhd line 789

  2. From the beginning of the simulation, I get many warnings like this

    Warning: NUMERIC_STD."=": metavalue detected, returning FALSE
    # Time: 2500 ps Iteration: 1 Instance: /ifft_tb/u0/auk_dspip_r22sdf_top_inst/r22sdf_core_inst/gen_natural_order_core/gen_stages(0)/r22_stage/gen_bfii/bfii_inst/bf_control_inst

    I see in the waveform viewer that several signals in gen_natural_order_core/gen_stages(0)/r22_stage have undefined values: bfi_out_real, bfi_out_img, and twidaddr_s

So perhaps there's something wrong in generating the correct twiddle address? Or with generating the natural bit order?

I've generated theFFT IP core with the following parameters:

  • Variable streaming
  • Length = 128
  • Natural Input Order
  • Natural Output Order
  • Direction = Bidirectional
  • Fixed Point representation
  • Data Input Width = 16 bits
  • Twiddle Width = 32 bits
  • Data Output Width = 16 bits

I am using:

  • ModelSim Starter Edition 2020.1
  • Quartus Prime Version 20.1.1 Build 720 11/11/2020 SJ Lite Edition

After generating the HDL, I created a TCL file "" based on the template "msim_setup.tcl" (both attached).

I am running a simple testbench "" (attached).


Thanks for any insight!




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