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Quartus II 4.0 and APEX EP20k600EFI672-2x




I recovered a project created by a collegue who is not available now... I have no information about which IDE was use and i discover Quartus II environment...

I found a CD with Quartus II 7.2, i try to open the project (.qar and .qpf are present inside the folder). A pop up alert me that the project have been created with Quartus II Version 4.0 Build 214 3/25/2004 Service Pack 1 SJ Full Version. I downloaded this version, ask for a licence.

If a try to open the qpf, i have the same message : "Do you want to overwrite the database for project C:... created by Quartus II Version 4.0 Build 214 3/25/2004 Service Pack 1 SJ Full Version? The database format is incompatible with the current version of Quartus II software...."


If a try to open the .qar, i have this message : "Support for device EP20K600EFI672-2X not installed -- switching to an appropriate device from the available devices..."


I tried to create a new project but the APEX is not available on Quartus 4.0 and 7.2, It's available on 9.0. When i open the .qar with quartus 9.0, i haven't message about compatibility. But the project doesn't build. file exemplar.lmf is missing. I'm sure that the project is complete (i have 4 different version of the project), so i suppose that the missing file is due to a wrong Quartus Version? I have electrical wiring of the board, i suppose is possible to re create the mapping but i'm not sure is the best idea.


Anyone can help me please?

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HI, This is really old and EOL product. I am guessing the issue here could be either 1) missing file that doesn't got included correctly during QAR archived build in Quartus v4.0 2) Some software compatibility issue between Quartus v4.0 and v9.0 My best suggestion for you is to try out Quartus 4.0 in below link to open back the design QAR file and hopefully it still works. Thanks. Regards, dlim
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