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Quartus18.x issue2: lost path to files on project reopen.

New Contributor I

Platform Linux mint 17.3 I7 Sony Vaio 12GB ram.


Project when reopen lost file link with an error file not found.

File is still at same position on myIP folder.

same if file is open on a non project path or output files.

This issue appeared when two Quartus instance where opened at same time.

After that also all setting of editor and program got lost.

Screenshot from 2019-04-27 13:32:24.pngScreenshot from 2019-04-27 13:29:45.png


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Linux mint is not the official supported OS.

You may use either of the supported OS listed here:






Do you see this problem in the supported OS? Which edition and version of the software you are using?



New Contributor I


Forever offending version is same every platform:

Quartus Prime Version   18.1.0 Build 625 09/12/2018 SJ Lite Edition

This issue is only present at Linux production generated after what is described on first post.

I am installing two new Linux version, Ubuntu as is and Ubuntu Mate that resemble Linux Mint desktop This to real hardware not VM.

I am proud Ubuntu grasped desktop is place where we work not to display unity big icon nor win use for itself.

This laptop:

Boot from partition:

LinuxMint19 ( stand by, porting job postponed)

Actual test: LinuxMint 17.3 (production)

Old Ubuntu 14.x ( or 12.x not used for a while)


VM on this:

Windows XP PRO EN SP2 (Locked to SP2) XP SP3(same version) (unlocked) (Old license to test old sw)

Win7 Pro EN (not locked , actual SP1) Some tools doesn't have Linux equivalence, Terasic, STM32 Motor Suite.

Linux Mint 19

Linux Ubuntu 14

Linux Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64 (fresh new)

ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64 MATE (fresh new)

Linux CNC

Linux Centos (expired)

OS2 Warp 4

Windows 98 SE

DOS 6.22

Other special for maintenance.

--- ************************* ---

Shared office Hardware:

Old PIII dual boot win 98 and XP Pro with parallel port, both ISE and Quartus supporting parallel programmer and old devices (image restorable preservation), ISA device programmer.

Old PIV XP Pro (PCI device programmer, serial parallel port legacy)

multicore may be i3, i7, AMD (@office)

-> Win7 dual boot Linux Ubuntu(maybe old version), quartus 18.1 on win7

-> laptop win10 refuse revert back to win7, (why windows 10 why???) we don't like at all, we work not have our time wasted when at field.... this can be next test bed Linux Ubuntu 18




Can you open the same file when only one Quartus instance is opened?


New Contributor I

I found opening two instance caused some trouble.

I probably launched as root to check if programmer issue was related to some access right.

Launching as root from user file on ~.altera.sbt4e get owned by root privilege.

Restoring access to group and user cleaned up some issue on settings save restore.


File opened on path different from design folder report this.

Ex: File where opened from IP cores folders or synthesis, or output as reported, never open back.




Hi Roberto,


Do you mean that this error occurs when more than one instance are opened and giving root access solves the problem?

In the screenshot provided, the path in the error message is /Project/Altera/Cheap_Ethernet_MAX10/Avalon_Master_Sequencer_v0_5.vhd. The exact location of this file is /Project/Altera/my_Core/AvalonSequencer, which is different from the path stated in the error message. Can you remove the file in the software and add the file from the correct location?