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Testbench file for modelsim

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When a simulation model is created for modelsim with generation of the system in sopc-builder, it seems that the HDL source file of the user created component is 'forgotten'. The entity and architecture are not embedded in the simulation-file. 


Is this a known problem, does the HDL-file have a prescribed location, or ? 


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I do also have a slight problem with hdl-files generated for modelsim in SOPC-builder 7.1. I don't know if it's exactly the same as you have. 


Normally when components are included in the system, wrapper hdl files are created in the project directory. When interfacing to external modules outside the sopc-system you create components without hdl-source, and manually map the avalon signals to an interface. In that case no wrapper hdl's are generated.  


When creating project simulator files for modelsim, the setup_sim do-script is assuming that wrapper files are created for all components, including external modules.  

Executing this script in modelsim will generate file errors. 


One solution for this is to manually delete the compile command for the external modules.
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