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VCDs of Modelsim and Active-HDL comparison

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I need to compare value change dump files of different EDA vendors, say Mentor and Aldec.  

I've written the simplest test bench: 


  1. `timescale 1ns / 100ps //  

  2. `define PERIOD_OF_CLK 10 // 100mhz => 10ns with respect to timebase (1ns)  

  3. `define HALF_PERIOD_OF_CLK (`PERIOD_OF_CLK / 2)  

  4. `define END_TIME 50 // 50ns  

  5. module test_tb;  

  6. reg clk_tb = 1'b0; 


  7. initial begin  

  8. $dumpfile("test_tb.vcd");  

  9. $dumpvars( 1, clk_tb);  

  10. end  

  11. initial begin  

  12. #0 clk_tb = 1'b0;  

  13. forever  

  14. #`HALF_PERIOD_OF_CLK clk_tb = !clk_tb;  

  15. end  

  16. initial begin  

  17. #`END_TIME $finish;  

  18. end  

  19. endmodule  



And simulated it with Modelsim (Questa) and Active-HDL. 

Their results' comparison is attached to the post. 


Could someone give me an idea why those vcds are different (I mean line# 37:# 500 of Active-HDL - this line is absent in Modelsim's vcd and line# 14:# 0 of Modelsim's vcd which is absent in Active-HDL's vcd)?
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