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[Vista x64 - Quartus II 8.1] USB-Blaster Drivers Working!

Hey guys, 


I'm running a fully licensed version of Quartus II 8.1 (but I assume this fix would work for the Web Edition as well). I had been having the dreadful USB-Blaster driver not installing error due to driver signing enforcement in Vista 64 bit. 


After reading a bit, I figured out how to get things working, thanks to the thread at this forum and the user jaywee: 


Instructions (this is how I did it): 


Install the driver as stated in the guide online (pointing to the altera/81/quartus/drivers folder). This install will fail. 


Reboot the computer and right before the green status bar comes up, hit F8. 


Select the option 'disable device signing requirement' (this might not be the actual name of the option, but it's fairly obvious which one to pick). 


Start up the machine and Voila! The driver works perfectly! 




The attached screenshot shows it as working and Quartus II recognizes it. 


I'm not sure if I'll have to select this option >every time< I reboot when I want to use my DE2 board, but I might. 




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I have similar USB BLASTER problem in my Linux sytem,,, 

The driver is detected by the system but i get error while programming" JTAG error, couldn't initialize" . 

I"m using Quartus 8.1 Version 

How Can i find the solution??
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