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Where can I find driving level of output reserved pins in compile report files?



I reserved some pins 'as output driving VCC/GND' with Pin Planner.

Compile succeeded.

Then I checked Pin-out file to make sure their places. They were placed as output reserved pins. But I could not find their driving level.

Pin Name/Usage : Location : Dir. : I/O Standard : Voltage : I/O Bank : User Assignment


user_reserve_1 : Y1 : output : 2.5 V : : 3 : Y

user_reserve_13 : AB12 : output : 2.5 V : : 4 : Y

I assigned pin Y1 as driving GND and pin AB12 as driving VCC respectively.

Where can I find driving level of output reserved pins?


Thanks in advance.

OS: Windows 7 x64 pro SP1​

Quartus Prime Lite 18.1

Device: MAX 10 10M25DCF***


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