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automatic load code, compile, program from external code

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I am using Quartus II and a Cyclone III device. 

I would like to be able to automatically load and compile a Verilog code, and then program the board without my intervention. I would like to control this process from an external software, so that after each time I program the board and before the next programing of it, I will have the external software run some tests on it. 

My goal is to repeat the process many times, each time loading a different Verilog code and then testing it.  


Is that possible? How do I do this? 

Could this be done from C, Python, Matlab? 



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All of Quartus' compiling and programming functions are accessible from the command line. So, it should be very easy to develop a script to do all of this. A simple batch file would do, although Python or similar would do equally well. 


See the "quartus prime and quartus ii software scripting support (" page and the "quartus ii scripting reference manual (".