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issue with auto-generated sopcinfo file contents



I am using platform designer 18.0 and i am facing an issue with the sopcinfo file contents.

In my design i have interfaced alter_emif ip connected to h2f_axi_master of HPS and altera_emif _a10_hps ip is connected to emif port of HPS.

while checking the sopcinfo file after the successful generation of platform design, i found that the parameters are not described under the module name.

finally, i end up in facing the following error while creating the dts file from socpcinfo file.

"component fpga_emif1 of class alter_emif is unknown".

i followed the same process which is described in the for the generation of dts file.


i am attaching sopcinfo ,

issue: line numbers: 48580 and 46698

this file is generated from a reference design from


can somebody suggest some solutions!!

thanks in advance

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First of all, I recommend that you create the device tree based on the one existing in the Linux kernel instead of using sopc2dts since that tool was created specifically for our GHRD.


Here is the guide:

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