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just received a Cyclone 10 LP kit. Simple examples work fine but the design store examples for Nios|| fail to build. Am using 18.1 Lite. Doesn't have a Qsys entry in Tools menu.


"hello world" examples fails on EDA Netlist Writer stage with Unconstrained error on SYS_CLK50M field.

"reference design" - philosophers example compiles wihtout doing EDA stage.

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I have used Cyclone 10 LP Nios II 'Hello World' Design which work fine without any error.(opened .par ->upgrade -> start compilation)

Try again downloading the example or create your own design by referring to below link.


Can you share image of you EDA netlist setting or your project itself.






Hi Anana, thanks for ur reply to the query re Nios2 problem. I got it working ok and am enjoying playing around with the system a bit. The problem I had I thinks stems from the documentation being a bit out of date. The pdf guide from the design store talked about compiling the nios2 core from a qsr source whereas all you have to do is add the qip file to your project and compile. I traced the compile problem in EDA to a message like "functional simulation is the only simulation available for the device type but is turned off". I turned it on at settings -> EDA -> More EDA Netlist Writer Settings -> Generate functional simulation netlist, and compilation was successful. That was before I added the qip file, hence I dont know if it was necessary, but it was still turned on when I compiled with the qip file added without problems. Thanks again for ur response P.S. Do u know of any documentation for the JTAG UART interface that lets you interact with the board from ur own programs without using the nios2-terminal program. I can always redirect  the stdin, stdout of nios2-terminal which is probably easier anyway. P.P.S. I was using quartus 18.1 Lite on Linux.