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quartus prime 18.1 quit unexpectedly (when lvds serdes modify tx outclock phase to 45)


Software: quartus prime 18.1

FPGA Device: 10AX027H4F34I3SG

The error report as below

How can I fix this error?


Problem Details
Internal Error: Sub-system: CUT, File: /quartus/db/cut/cut_atom_util.cpp, Line: 359
matched_atom == 0
Stack Trace:
0x8317cd: CUT_ATOM_UTIL::get_atom_via_oterm_iterm(CDB_ATOM_OTERM*, DB_INPUT_PORT_TYPE, bool (*)(CDB_ATOM_NODE*)) + 0xad (db_cut)
0x62f4b: LVDS_GEN6::restrict_non_std_tx_outclock_designs() + 0x2fb (periph_lvds)
0x6349a: LVDS_GEN6::create_design() + 0x4a (periph_lvds)
0x68496: PCC_ENV_IMPL::perform_op(PCC_ENV::OP) + 0x1f6 (periph_pcc)
0x695a5: PCC_ENV_IMPL::create_design() + 0x1b5 (periph_pcc)
0x698ea: PCC_ENV_IMPL::refresh_design_until_converged(bool) + 0x18a (periph_pcc)
0x69ac1: PCC_ENV_IMPL::refresh(PCC_ENV::CONTEXT, std::string const&, bool, bool) + 0xd1 (periph_pcc)
0x69f55: PCC_ENV_IMPL::refresh_placement_until_converged(std::string const&) + 0x1f5 (periph_pcc)
0x6a106: PCC_ENV_IMPL::commit() + 0xe6 (periph_pcc)
0x95849: pcc_commit_periph_placement + 0x69 (periph_pcc)
0x51ec7: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x47 (tcl8.6)
0x40131: pcc_load_periph_placer + 0x102 (periph_pcc)
0x51ec7: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x47 (tcl8.6)
0x536e7: TclEvalEx + 0x947 (tcl8.6)
0x539d6: Tcl_EvalEx + 0x16 (tcl8.6)
0x539fd: Tcl_Eval + 0x1d (tcl8.6)
0x1b0f5: atcl_tcl_eval(Tcl_Interp*, std::string const&) + 0x12d (ccl_atcl)
0x34ea9: atcl_run_internal_tcl_cmd(Tcl_Interp*, std::string const&, bool) + 0x59 (ccl_atcl)
0x2354c: fit2_fit_plan_init + 0x23c (comp_fit2)
0x51ec7: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x47 (tcl8.6)
0x13086: fit2_fit_plan + 0x2ec (comp_fit2)
0x51ec7: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x47 (tcl8.6)
0x536e7: TclEvalEx + 0x947 (tcl8.6)
0xfb366: Tcl_FSEvalFileEx + 0x266 (tcl8.6)
0xfb47e: Tcl_EvalFile + 0x2e (tcl8.6)
0x11ebc: qexe_evaluate_tcl_script(std::string const&) + 0x382 (comp_qexe)
0x18dcf: qexe_do_tcl(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, std::string const&, std::string const&, std::list<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> > const&, bool, bool) + 0x597 (comp_qexe)
0x19d7b: qexe_run_tcl_option(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, char const*, std::list<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> >*, bool) + 0x57e (comp_qexe)
0x3e06a: qcu_run_tcl_option(QCU_FRAMEWORK*, char const*, std::list<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> >*, bool) + 0x1065 (comp_qcu)
0x1c586: qexe_standard_main(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, QEXE_OPTION_DEFINITION const**, int, char const**) + 0x6b3 (comp_qexe)
0x3b75: qfit2_main(int, char const**) + 0xc5 (quartus_fit)
0x40720: msg_main_thread(void*) + 0x10 (ccl_msg)
0x602c: thr_final_wrapper + 0xc (ccl_thr)
0x407df: msg_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x62 (ccl_msg)
0xa559: mem_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x99 (ccl_mem)
0x8f92: err_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x27 (ccl_err)
0x63f2: thr_thread_wrapper + 0x15 (ccl_thr)
0x427e2: msg_exe_main(int, char const**, int (*)(int, char const**)) + 0xa3 (ccl_msg)
0x1ed20: __libc_start_main + 0x100 (


Executable: quartus

System Information
Platform: linux64
OS name: CentOS release
OS version: 6

Quartus Prime Information
Address bits: 64
Version: 18.1.0
Build: 625
Edition: Standard Edition

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Thank you for reaching out Intel FPGA Community.

Is it possible for you to share the design file (.qar file) with us? You can go to Project>Archive Project to generate the .qar file. We need it to identify if this is related to any settings that have been done that may lead to the error and to duplicate the error from our side.

You can share privately by email if you need privacy. I will initiate the email.



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Thank you for providing the design file from the email. I also have shared the workaround and check with you with the status.

As we do not receive any response from you on the workaround that we have provided from the email, I will close this case.

Please login to ‘’, view details of the desire request, and post a feed/response within the next 15 days to allow me to continue to support you if you have any more concern on this issue. After 15 days, this thread will be transitioned to community support. The community users will be able to help you on your follow-up questions.

Thank you.

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