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set_global_assignment -name ENABLE_PR_POF_ID OFF

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From this thread, I've learned that it's NOT possible to generate a partial bitstream only(.rbf file), excluding the full bitstream.

The current system has many PR regions >100, so I had to have a setting below


set_global_assignment -name ENABLE_PR_POF_ID OFF


to enable more than 32 PR regions.

With the setting above, I've found that a partial bitstream is NOT generated at all.

Only the full bitstream(.sof) is generated. Is this expected behavior?


Furthermore, I removed all the PR regions and disabled the PR, then tried to generate a full bitstream. It takes only 1 min to generate a full bitstream in this case. But when I have PR regions(>100 PR regions), it takes 9 min to generate a full bitstream.

Observing the log, it seems like it does take 8 min to generate a full bitstream and spends additional 1 min for static mask verification and root region logic preservation verification. How can I analyze what is happening under the hood with the Assembler?


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Over 100 PR regions?!  I can't imagine how or why you would create a design like that or even manage it.

But for your question, if .rbf files are not getting generated, there must be other warnings or information about why that is.  The Assembler should still create them.  Turning off this one option shouldn't prevent that.

And as far as compile time, compilations with partitions and LL regions will always take longer because of the additional checking, preservation, and restrictions required by the compiler for that type of design vs. a flat design where the tool can put design resources anywhere it wants.

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Never mind, I was able to generate .pmsf file and .rbf file with a new project. I may have made a mistake creating a revision in the previous one.

The long compile time with the assembler isn't resolved though.

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Below is the Message log when I have only 7 PR regions and have ENABLE_PR_POF_ID setting on.

It successfully generates .rbf followed by .pmsf and .sof.

Screenshot from 2023-02-17 17-39-22.png



Below is when I have only more than 100 PR regions and have ENABLE_PR_POF_ID setting off.

It has a warning saying that "ENABLE_PR_POF_ID is set to OFF" but this is expected.

Somehow it doesn't generate .pmsf and .rbf.

Screenshot from 2023-02-17 17-40-10.png

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In fact, long bitstream generation time(~9 min) with Assembler is not resolved yet.

I wonder if this is the limitation of the current Quartus(I am using 22.2 prime pro).

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