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Problem in using HPS Loan IO Pins for Triple Speed Ethernet IP Core RGMII Interface


 have tried to used the hps loanio pins for the triple speed ethernet RGMII interface output and input. I am getting the following error in the Quartus compilation

Error (15874): Output port DATAOUT of DDIO_OUT primitive “Cyclone_V_Controller:inst3|Cyclone_V_Controller_eth_tse_3:eth_tse_3|altera_eth_tse_mac:i_tse_mac|altera_tse_rgmii_module:U_RGMII|altera_tse_rgmii_out4:the_rgmii_out4|altddio_out:altddio_out_component|ddio_out_jhb:auto_generated|ddio_outa[0]” must drive input port I of I/O OBUF primitive or input port DATAIN of DELAY_CHAIN primitive.

Error (15871): Input port DATAIN of DDIO_IN primitive “Cyclone_V_Controller:inst3|Cyclone_V_Controller_eth_tse_3:eth_tse_3|altera_eth_tse_mac:i_tse_mac|altera_tse_rgmii_module:U_RGMII|altera_tse_rgmii_in1:the_rgmii_in1|altddio_in:altddio_in_component|ddio_in_gsd:auto_generated|ddio_ina[0]” must come from an I/O IBUF or DELAY_CHAIN primitive

Cant I use the HPS loan IO pins for triple speed ethernet or I need to do some settings?

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Hi , 

It seems like there is an issue how you are instantiating and driving the ethernet pins. 

Please refer to a similar case related to DDR.

Also please check the below link.

If you have a general doubt about HPS Loaner IO usage.

Please refer the video below.

Thanks and Regards


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