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Reading memory mapped ADC values from HPS running Linux.


Hi, I am running Ubuntu (kernel 4.5) provided by Terasic on my DE1-SoC board.

From the demonstrations in the CD, I modified the hardware project and added ADC controller for DE series boards to the Qsys project like this:

Qsys ADC.png


The ADC is mapped to 0x0000_0000 to 0x0000_001F as a lightweight HPS to FPGA memory mapped slave.

I generated the HDL, added ADC to the top-level verilog file like this:

Compiled the project, converted the .sof file to .rbf file and replaced the existing .rbf file on the SD card with the one I generated (with the same name of course).


I started the DE1-SoC board and it booted normally.

Next, I write the following program to read the values from ADC and print the values on the console:

I map the ADC's base address to the virtual space, then I initiate an update of the 8 channels by writing to the UPDATE register, as described in the IP's manual: chapter 4, software programming model.

I also isolate the 12 bits from 32-bit values.

Then I read the values expecting to read the values of the ADC.

(I slightly modified the code for better illustration of what I am doing (removed extra computations). I don't have the board with me to check if it compiles but you get the idea)..


Running this program, I only get 0's for all 8 channels. If I write any value to the UPDATE register, I read out the exact same value for the UPDATE register. I tried the auto-update register as well, getting the same values.

Maybe my programming model is wrong. Can you give me any feedback?


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anyone? I could not find information about ADC control from HPS running Linux anywhere. I seem to be doing it correctly according to the ADC IP docs but apparently not.




I apologize for the late response, may I k now which Quartus/SoC EDS version that you used to test this?


I could not access the github page that you shared. Was there any error in Platform Designer/Quartus during compilation?


Also, during booting was there any error or hung up in the booting logs?




Do you have any follow up from your side?