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Unable to program HPS on arria10



I am trying to program the HPS of the arria10 . I have tried using the command line interface using "quartus_hps" to program the board and have had no success. for example I run the command quartus_hps -c 1 -o I


and the output is this:


Info: *******************************************************************
Info: Running Quartus Prime Programmer
    Info: Version 17.1.1 Internal Build 593 12/11/2017 SJ Standard Edition
    Info: Copyright (C) 2017  Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Info: Your use of Intel Corporation's design tools, logic functions 
    Info: and other software and tools, and its AMPP partner logic 
    Info: functions, and any output files from any of the foregoing 
    Info: (including device programming or simulation files), and any 
    Info: associated documentation or information are expressly subject 
    Info: to the terms and conditions of the Intel Program License 
    Info: Subscription Agreement, the Intel Quartus Prime License Agreement,
    Info: the Intel FPGA IP License Agreement, or other applicable license
    Info: agreement, including, without limitation, that your use is for
    Info: the sole purpose of programming logic devices manufactured by
    Info: Intel and sold by Intel or its authorized distributors.  Please
    Info: refer to the applicable agreement for further details.
    Info: Processing started: Thu Jan 21 08:23:12 2021
Info: Command: quartus_hps -c 1 -o I
Current hardware is: USB-BlasterII [3-6]
   Successfully change hardware frequency to 16Mhz
Error: Unable to detect HPS device
Error: Quartus Prime Programmer was unsuccessful. 0 errors, 0 warnings
    Error: Peak virtual memory: 213 megabytes
    Error: Processing ended: Thu Jan 21 08:23:12 2021
    Error: Elapsed time: 00:00:00
    Error: Total CPU time (on all processors): 00:00:00



I have also tried using the Quartus Prime Programmer. I will configure the hardware Setup and then auto detect the hardware. It does not give me the exact part number for my board but i can select one that is close to it. for example my board part number is 10AX115S3F45E2SGE3 however the closest option i can choose is 10AX115S3. After choosing this I automatically get an error that says:


Error (18591): Can't recognize the Flash device that attached to device 2. The Flash device is not supported by Quartus Prime software.



Thanks for your time

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Are you using the default images to boot you Arria 10 Board?

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Yes I have followed the Development Kit User Guide  and made sure all the switches were in the default position. I also tried changing changing SW6.4 to the off position to not load the factory images stored on the board. 


I also found this post on the forum where the intel employee made some suggestions to set SW4 to default position, set switch 1 to ON position, and change the TCK frequency to 6Mhz which also did not work. 

Thanks Again,



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I mean, are you programming the .sof or .jic? Are you using the GHRD?

To boot the HPS on the Arria 10 it should look like this:


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