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libsgx_tcrypto.a illegal instruction exception


Hi Invoking the crypto functions from the libsgx_tcrypto generates an "illegal instruction" exception . It seems that IPP iinvokes cpGetReg which by itself tries to execute CPUID instruction causing the exception. Did anyone encounter the same issue? Thanks. ump of assembler code for function cpGetReg: 0x0000000012fb3057 <+0>: push %rbx 0x0000000012fb3058 <+1>: movslq %esi,%r9 0x0000000012fb305b <+4>: movslq %edx,%r10 0x0000000012fb305e <+7>: mov %rdi,%r11 0x0000000012fb3061 <+10>: mov %r9,%rax 0x0000000012fb3064 <+13>: mov %r10,%rcx 0x0000000012fb3067 <+16>: xor %ebx,%ebx 0x0000000012fb3069 <+18>: xor %edx,%edx 0x0000000012fb306b <+20>: cpuid 0x0000000012fb306d <+22>: mov %eax,(%r11) 0x0000000012fb3070 <+25>: mov %ebx,0x4(%r11) 0x0000000012fb3074 <+29>: mov %ecx,0x8(%r11) 0x0000000012fb3078 <+33>: mov %edx,0xc(%r11) 0x0000000012fb307c <+37>: pop %rbx 0x0000000012fb307d <+38>: retq

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