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sample code for sgx_aes_ctr_encrypt


Is there any sample code available for encrypting in AES? The development guide has:

sgx_status_t sgx_aes_ctr_encrypt( const sgx_aes_ctr_128bit_key_t *p_key, const uint8_t *p_src, const uint32_t src_len, uint8_t *p_ctr, const uint32_t ctr_inc_bits, uint8_t *p_dst, );

but i need more assistance in implementing it.

Also, if I want to hard code my own key instead of using a function to generate code, how can I declare that? Right now, I've declared it as an integer and passed 16 numbers into it. I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it though

Please help!

(Please be nice, I'm new to this)

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