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Numpy install with intel fortran on windows


Hi !
I'm trying to achieve in using f2py on windows 8, x64, with Intel Fortran Compiler.

I've tried two things :

1) install via windows 64x installer.
NumPy is correctly installed, but no compiler found when executing f2py -c --help-fcompiler
I got :

Fortran compilers found:
Compilers available for this platform, but not found:
  --fcompiler=absoft    Absoft Corp Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=compaqv   DIGITAL or Compaq Visual Fortran Compil
  --fcompiler=g95       G95 Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=gnu       GNU Fortran 77 compiler
  --fcompiler=gnu95     GNU Fortran 95 compiler
  --fcompiler=intelem   Intel Fortran Compiler for 64-bit apps
  --fcompiler=intelev   Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Itani
  --fcompiler=intelv    Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 32-bi
  --fcompiler=intelvem  Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 64-bi
Compilers not available on this platform:
  --fcompiler=compaq   Compaq Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=hpux     HP Fortran 90 Compiler
  --fcompiler=ibm      IBM XL Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=intel    Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit apps
  --fcompiler=intele   Intel Fortran Compiler for Itanium apps
  --fcompiler=lahey    Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=mips     MIPSpro Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=nag      NAGWare Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=none     Fake Fortran compiler
  --fcompiler=pathf95  PathScale Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=pg       Portland Group Fortran Compiler
  --fcompiler=sun      Sun or Forte Fortran 95 Compiler
  --fcompiler=vast     Pacific-Sierra Research Fortran 90 Compi


2) trying to achieve a manual build with :
At config, I got that all the libraries can be found.
After achieving install, and test numpy, I had the same problem than above.

Any idear ?

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Have you set the env. variables (like PATH, LIBRARY PATH etc.) for Intel compilers?

Could you share the steps you followed to build for the manual build (2nd one)?