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AMT for local application monitor/watchdog?


Hi vPro experts,

I would like to be able to do the following and wondering if such a functionality is allowed with vpro and if so does the sdk have sample for the same?

Let us say I create application X running on windows 7. One thread of my application X will do some action periodically(I can do any action AMT wants it to be). If my application does not do that action for a pre-defined period, then my local AMT should automatically power down my PC.

My laptop supports AMT 6.0.


Sudarsan VS.

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Here's a response from one of our experts here at Intel. If you have more questions, feel free to ask away!

"Generally I never try to shut down LOCALLY the machine by using AMT, we do have a sample in the SDK that does it, worth trying.

However to more classic model of usage to those kind of use cases is not by shutting down the machine, but by isolating the machine from the network (just transmit data or/and incoming data as well ) To do that you can enable a "system defense" policy that will cut the network traffic according to the user define policy. Additionally there is another feature named "agent presence" that send heartbeats to a FW agent, once the heartbeats stops, the agent automatically enable a "system defense" policy.

The SDK contains samples for all of this, however I suggest you:

1. Read the SDK doc to get a better understanding of the features + does it meet your needs

2. The HLAPI project (which will be part of the SDK during 2011) can provide a very simplify API to execute most of the operation described above (HLAPI support power control and system defense, agent presence is on our near plans), the HLAPI can be found on Intel site.

I hoped this helped"

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Hi Kelsey,

Thank you very much for getting back to me on this. A couple of questions based on your answer:

1. If I wanted to monitor an application running on an vPro machine and take an action like shutdown or even putting to sleep mode, does the remote machine that is monitoring have to be vPro as well? Or can it be just another windows machine?

2. If I want to be able to still do this locally, you mentioned that there is a sample in SDK to do this. Can you please point me to which is that sample code that will allow me to monitor something and shutdown or Sleep locally? Also what is that feature called - if I am looking for documentation in the SDK what am I searching for.

I am fairly new to all things vPro and so greatly appreciate all the help this forum is providing me.


Sudarsan VS.

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