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Intel AMT 5.0 + MechCommander/IntelManageabilityCommander



As standalone problem I ask to help me to connect MechCommander (0.3.8) (MC) or IntelManageabilityCommander 1.0.8 to my AMT 5.0 PC.

They cant find this AMT-PC via IP range. I add AMT-PC manually but when I trying to connect:

at 16992 with NO TLS - Error 400 (after some time);

at 16993 with TLS - Timeout error (appear just immediately, without any delay).

Of course 2 TLS certificates Root+User added to MC-CertificateManager and Root-CA set as Trusted.

Also I can normally connect and configure this AMT PC via Manageability Director/Commander.

What is the problem and how to resolve it? Maybe MechCommander/IntelManageabilityCommander does not support AMT v5 ???

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