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Public Certificate Question


I am trying to set up vPro on our corporate network for the first time and had a cert question. In order to remotely configure the computers (we will be working with over 10,000 Windows 7 computers running AMT 7 or higher) is a public certificate that matches one of the ones hard coded into the vPro chipset required? We are looking at having a zero touch configuration that will allow for KVM control over the computer (probably with RealVNC+) without any user consent. We will be using Active Directory Integration and adding groups for the ACL for access. The database and server will be running on Server 2008 R2. I am kinda new at this so let me know if I am missing any information for an answer. We will also be using SCCM 2012 for our deployment more than likely. Thanks.

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Please review my response to your other post:

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