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Pull CMOS battery to restore AMT MBEX password - but risks?


I have a Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop at home with iAMT that I turned off five years ago in its MBEX bootup settings. Win XP Pro SP3.

Now I'm checking whether the PC is good enough to install Win 7 Pro.

The Windows 7 Upgrade app flagged only

Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL


Intel(R) Management Engine Interface

as not compatible with Win 7. Everything else is OK.

Occurred to me this happened only because iAMT is off in the MBEX settings.

But when I went into MBEX to turn iAMT back on to re-test Windows 7 Upgrade compatibility, I was stopped because I don't remember the MBEX password.

Elsewhere on these forums, the advice is to remove the CMOS battery, wait five minutes and put it back in. Then I'll be back to the initial MBEX password - "admin".

But what else will happen when I pull and then restore the CMOS battery? Will I lose my normal BIOS? Might I brick my machine?

Or should I not do this and just ignore the "not compatible with Win 7" warnings because I don't want iAMT anyway?


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