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SCCMAddon with SCCM 2012 R2 and SCS 9.0

I'm attempting to install the SCCMAddon package on our primary site server and getting the following errors in the log:

2014-03-28 13:43:50,670 - DEBUG: Starting

2014-03-28 13:43:50,670 - INFO : Starting Log

2014-03-28 13:43:50,686 - INFO : Version:

2014-03-28 13:43:50,764 - INFO : No previous settings found.

2014-03-28 13:43:50,998 - DEBUG: Entering SettingsViewModel.ctor

2014-03-28 13:43:51,381 - FATAL: Could not identify SCCM installation

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at SCSWMI.WMI_SCCM_Server_DAL.GetSCCMVersion(SCCM_Version& ver)

at SCCMConfig.DAL.SCCMProber.GetVersion(WMI_SCCM_Server_DAL wql)

at SCCMConfig.DAL.SCCMProber.Detect()

at SCCMConfig.Actions.ActionPerformer.Detect()

at Intel.SCS.ACIWizard.ViewModel.WelcomeViewModel.b__8()

As shown in the log I'm using the latest version of

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