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How to assess ECC single bit detection, correction and reporting and multi bit detection and reporting is functioning with S5500WB and Xeon X5675




I have not been able to see ecc errors reported in the latest linux kernel running i7core_edac drivers.


I am triggering ecc errors by shorting memory pins 2 and 3 on the motherboard. (for more info on this please see:


On AMD systems this technique works like a charm so I know I am doing it correctly. However try as I might nothing shows up in the OS.


I am using the most recent BIOS version.


Does anyone have an idea how to become notified when ECC errors occur? The SEL viewer route does not work for me because it is simply not practical and I have not figured out how to log into BMC (version 0.33) and configure alerting if at all possible.


Does anyone have some advice please on how to proceed?

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