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Altera Monitor Program vs Quartus II web v15?

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Hi all, 



I bought a BeMicro MAX10 board and I'm reading the tutorial on Qsys. This is an example to create a Nios II project. It says that that it will use the Altera Monitor Program to download the design to the FPGA. I'm familiar (and d/l) the Quartus II web v15 software but I've never heard of the monitor program. The description for the monitor program says: 



The Altera Monitor Program allows students to easily compile and debug both assembly language and C programs. It supports both the ARM® Cortex®-A9 and Nios® II processors.  





Do I really need it or Quartus II web v15 is enough? 



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You can use Quartus and/or Altera Monitor Program. 

UniversityProgram has also interesting IP to play with.
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