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Can't get nios2-flash-programmer working on Linux

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I am having a problem programming my Linux image into the flash of a Cyclone III FPGA. 


I am using the Nios2EDS (version 11.1) tools on a Ubuntu host, building a uClinux image for my Nios2-based design. The tools all work fine with one exception.  


When I go to use the flash programmer, I get the following: 


$nios2-flash-programmer --mmu --verbose --base=0x0 linux.flash --mmu option was set true, FLASH virtual address is base + offset of 0xC0000000 Using cable "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0x00 Resetting and pausing target processor: FAILED Leaving target processor paused I have been having this problem since Nios2EDS 9.1. The nios2-configure-sof and nios2-download commands work fine. I can program the .pof without an issue and the 'linux.flash' image works fine when programmed by my Windows box. 


Every other nios2- tool works on the Linux box. If I run the exact same command from the Nios2 Command Shell on Windows, everything works fine and my hardware boots. 


Does anyone have a clue what is happening differently on my Linux host? 



Dave ...
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