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MicroC/OS-II FIFO interface

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I am new to Nios & MicroC/OS-II. 


My project consists of HDL that writes to a FIFO. In the same project, I have Nios and the TSE MAC in SOPC Builder. The software consists of NicheStack on MicroC/OS-II. I want to be able to read from the FIFO (from my HDL) and send it over a TCP connection. I can create an OSTask that can send data on a TCP connection. 


Any pointers on how to access my HDL FIFO in MicroC/OS-II? 


Thanks in advance!
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I'd suggest You using Avalon-ST FIFO, which write side would be connected to the data input pins exported from SOPC and the read data port would be connected to Avalon-ST interconnect. Then connect FIFO read side to SGDMA, which will move FIFO data to memory. Reading from memory is a matter of pointers in Nios then.

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