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kernel_execve locks

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Hello all, 


I am trying to port a working linux under development board to a board designed with similar features. 


I use uboot, Linux 3.2.0-rc5 and jffs2 root filesystem (all these working on dev board). 


My problem is that linux locks after displaying "Freeing unused kernel memory", so I checked source code, added printk(s) and found that it was kernel_execve() that locks when trying to call init. 


I am not 100% sure my rootfs partition is well mounted, even if linux prints "VFS: Mounted root (jffs2 filesystem) on device 31:3." because I have write access and protection problems with uboot. 


Anyone has experienced similar problems?  

How can I be sure my rootfs is ok?  

Can I read my root fs inside the kernel? 



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