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how to compile genFFT


Hi, I download the source code of genFFT from this link:

but how to compile it? I use VS to open the solution and compile but with many error such like: can not open "mkl_dfti.h". is there anything i need to install to compile genFFT? 




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Hi JohnW,

  • The example given at the link was with previous SDK's and Windows development toolchains (MSVS 2013)... keep in mind developers may need to move or reconsider where development tools are setup to build with newer toolchains.
    • That mkl_dfti.h header is representative of the Intel Math Kernel Library distribution, which contains many routines optimized for Intel hardware. I recommend looking for this header and corresponding library within the Intel Math Kernel Librar
    • The build failure observed is specific to the CPU targeted example on that page.
  • For the opencl examples users will need the standard OpenCL headers and icd interrogator library ( The stub link lib and headers can be obtained from the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications (or potentially other places): 
    • This application can thus target various OpenCL implementations... for example... developers could target Intel Processor Graphics through the Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL Driver (Runtime)... for Windows platforms it's included with the Intel Graphics Driver.
      • (or the vendor / oem webpage for their version of the Intel Graphics Driver)
    • For linux platforms see the github webpage... the readme calls out platform requirements:
  • If it's not too crazy long... posting the compilation errors observed in this thread could be useful.


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