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10th gen -> PCIe 4 lane -> M.2 gen 3

Gigabyte z490m gaming x - M.2 slots

So I've got a problem and it seems to be very specific, even though I am new to computers.

I've a rtx 3080 with a i5-10400f

I have the Gigabyte z490m gaming x and I have been very pleased with the performance good benchmarks etc. It has PCIe 4 gen material.

It has 2 x M.2 slots, however one of them is *reserved for the future.*

My question is, is when the 11th gen is released and the second m.2 which is locked - is opened, will I be able to use it with my 10th gen with a 3 gen memory in the PCIe 4 slot?

So 10th gen CPU -> PCIe4 slot -> PCIe3 memory

Will it work?
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That's a question for the motherboard folks. It is they that put this reserved slot in. AFAIK, there is no reason from the Intel side for why it would be there.


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