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CPU locked from Win10 Nov Update?


i7-8700k build



RTX 2080 GPU

PSU is Seasonic SS-520GM



As of last year from the November update. One of my builds using the only Intel CPU I own will not load. The following processes I have tried and tested to no avail:

Clear/Wipe/reformat all drives to fresh install W10

Removed all Hardware (GPU, RGB Cont, additional storage) then fresh install

New SSD and new HDD fresh install on each

Strip build completely and fresh install with bare minimum hardware


The closest I have gotten to using this computer is to 'Getting Devices Ready 100%' then immediately after 'Getting Ready' crash.


I have tried going through Cmd too trying different commands I have been advised to try by other forums but I truly believe and now am asking:


Has the CPU been 'locked' into a state where it cannot load W10?


Everything I have tried and tested is pointing to the CPU as the issue and I have exhausted any ideas that I have researched or been thrown at me so far. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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You have got to stop listening to the conspiracy nutcases on the internet; they'll have you convinced that 5G causes COVID-19 and that you should be burning down towers. [Aside: this is NOT TRUE; it is unbelievable that ANYONE with a brain would listen to that drivel]


There is no 'locked' state; that's just silliness (or speculation by an idiot; see above).


You either have a bad processor, a bad motherboard, bad/incompatible memory or bad/insufficient power supply. Since a bad motherboard could be the result of a down-rev. BIOS, this should be the first thing that you should look at. Upgrade to the latest BIOS available and reset the BIOS configuration to defaults. Test with only a single DIMM installed in DIMM0 connector for Channel A.


Make sure you are installing in UEFI mode. During Windows 10 install, when you get to the screen where you specify the partition to use, delete *all* partitions on the drive and then tell Windows to install to the unallocated space (which encompasses the entire drive at this point). This ensures that a new GPT partition table will be written to the device and also puts Windows in charge of the partitioning. If you leave old partitions, then you will keep whatever partition table was there. If this was MBR, then UEFI boot will be turned off.


Finally, I have a concern that your power supply wattage is not that far above the minimum required. Using NewEgg's online calculator, I calculated 450W required for bare minimum package and you obviously have additional things to include. You might want to borrow a bigger supply and see if that makes a difference


That's a start...



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