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Intel Series 8/C220 USB issues...


Please forgive me if this isn't in the right area. But I'm running out of directions to look for a solution or a fix for this.

I purchased a Lenovo Think Server 18 months ago. I installed three 4-port drive chassis via USB, and created a windows storage space array. This has been working very well, and has allowed me to create a very nice 48TB drive array on my personal media server.

Occasionally, after a forced windows update, A USB related driver was updated by windows update. At that point the array that was created with 'storage spaces' drops off. windows notification sounds like USB was removed. A few moments later, it comes back. But this coming and going of a vital drive does not work well for so many obvious reasons.

The first time it happened, I was able to use a 3rd party "slimdrivers" utility to update it again, which actually brought it back to the older version. But every time windows would force an update, I would lose this and the disconnects would return.

This originally came with windows 8.1 on the server. I updated to windows 10 in hopes this would solve the issue, with a more current operating system. It's worked fine most of the time. However, now with windows 10 forced updates, it is frequently being re-updated and problems start occurring again with the USB dropping off the returning.

To further complicate this -- SlimDrivers is detecting the current version that is causing the problems as now being the most up to date. And it's not allowing me to install the older version again. I scoured intel's website and can't seem to find older versions or any versions that I can download without using the automated scan my system to tell me what I need. As the scan thinks this is the latest and greatest. It may be the latest, but it's not the greatest.

Any help or further discussion would be greatly appreciated. But ideally, I'm looking for a pre 2017 driver version for this. Keeping in mind that I am now on windows 10, and I believe the original software was written for windows 8.1 -- I did find one file I thought would work, but it tells me that it's not compatible with my version of windows.


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Hello DOldenburg


Thank you for contacting us.


I regret to inform you that in this case scenario, the drivers for the USB 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces are provided by Microsoft* through Windows* updates.


In this case scenario we strongly suggest you to contact them directly or the manufacturer of your system, in order to see if there is an update or patch that you can install to isolate the issue that you are having.


I hope this helps,


Best Regards,


Diego S


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Hello DOldenburg,


We just wanted to double check if you still need further assistance.


Please do not hesitate on contacting us back.


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Diego S.