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Scott Pearson

As I have posted many times with no help from the Moderators, I cannot reply to any replies on my Threads. So, this is my Workaround: Question: "What incompatibility problem? There is no incompatibility problem. When he used memory that is within the specs of the processor (i.e. 4800MHz), it worked just fine. All bets are off once you go beyond the processor's specs, however. When you exceed the specs and it doesn't work, 99% of the time it is the motherboard (and its BIOS) that is responsible. ...S P.S. They are called POST Codes." Answer: My Dell HP 8950 has DDR5 Ram rated at 4800Mhz. It had 128GB at 3600MHz, not acceptable to me so I removed 2 sticks, it is now at 4400MHz which is better but not at the rated 4800MHz. I have been waiting for an official response from Intel here and have not gotten one, their silence seems to show there is in fact a problem.
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I don't know what you are doing wrong; anyone can reply to a post. Just above the banner at the bottom of the screen is a spot where it says 'Reply...'. Click there, type your response in the box that appears and then click on the Post Reply button.

As for your situation, if the memory came with the system, then I would be contacting Dell and having them replace this memory. If that doesn't work, I would be having them replace the system. You paid them for a working system with memory running at a specific speed and you should get that. 

I note that, on the Dell page, they list the memory as being shipped running at 3600MHz. If this memory is capable of 4800MHz, it should run at 4800MHz. If it cannot, there is something wrong with the system - and again you are back to contacting Dell for a replacement. I suspect that they never validated the solution before shipping it.


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I am doing nothing wrong, I can post from my phone but not my Dell XPS 8950 with Windows 11 Pro
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