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Access SDRAM in Altera DE2 Board

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I am trying to setup a NIOS project and I would like to use the SDRAM on the board. 

Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to access the chip. 

When trying to store the software on the chip, I get the classical "Verify failed" error. 

I tried the memtest template and apparently, it fails right at the start with "Data bus test failed at bit 0x1". 

As far as I understand, this means that my SDRAM configuration is wrong. 

Unfortunately, I don't see where. I have a PLL ensuring that the SDRAM clock leads all other clocks and the pins are well configured. 


I attached my project to this post. 


Thanks in advance, 

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Try using the system console to test if everything is working. If you are unfamiliar with tcl syntax, this is also a good place to start because you get interactive feedback of what you typed. 


I used to get the ''verify failed'' error too. This was because my clock or reset wasn't working properly.