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Altera Frame Reader Buffer Padding

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I've been working on the Altera FrameReader IP core and have created a reference design for the Cyclone V SOC. I have a NIOS based software application that is using this design and displaying images on the OLED. Everything works well. Now for a special reason, I need to pad my frame buffer with extra memory(50 pixels in either direction). The original frame buffer is 1280*960 and I want to convert it into the buffer of 1380*1060 and start the frame reader from the X=50, Y=50 of the 1380*1060 buffer. In this way, the buffer would be equally padded 50 pixels in either directions.  


However, I'm unable to get it working because the altera frame reader IP reads contiguous memory and thus, the memory that I consider padded memory is used by the frame reader and displayed on the OLED. Is there any way around this problem ? May be a configuration register in the Frame reader that allows me to do this.  


Any help would be appreciated.  


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