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ArriaIIGX dynamic reconfiguration analog control

My system include multi channel SDI I transceivers(SDI I IP).I connect ALTGX_RECONFIG and SDI I transceivers.I tried Analog controls for setting tx_vodctrl.But vod leved did not change(SDI TX LEVEL). 

I checked waveform of signal tap. 

I issued write_all signal with rx_tx_duplex_sel(value=2),logical_channel_address(value=0) and tx_vodctrl(value=1).Busy was no/off after that.I think it is correct Sequence.Butanalog control didn't function well. 


after that ,I checked 'read' waveform of signal tap. 

I issued read signal with rx_tx_duplex_sel(value=2) and logical_channel_address(value=0).  

After that a busy signal became permanent in the ON state. 

It is not correct Sequence. 


Can't an analog control be used in SDI(arriaIIGX)?
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