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Cyclone V: How to access AS EPCS if booted from HPS?

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I have dev-board with Cyclone V ES. It has EPCS for AS bitstream loading. I'm loading bitstream from HPS and therefore EPCS is not used for bitstream. I want to use this EPCS as a data storage from FPGA side. And i cannot find the way how to access EPCS. ASMIBLOCK IP expects AS mode, while i'm using PS. If i try to define EPCS pins in QSF then i get error about pins already defined for other functions.  

Is there a way to access this EPCS from FPGA?
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Unfortunately, Cyclone V is not very flexible in this respect. Whilst Cyclone IV does give direct access to the EPCS pins in user mode, Cyclone V does not. 


Cyclone V does support remote system upgrades which allows reprogramming of the EPCS, attached to the dedicated pins, whilst in service. However, this is implemented using dedicated circuitry and state machine logic for doing that and only that.