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DE10-Nano - Blink LED by writing to a file in Linux.

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I followed this tutorial and was successfully able to interact with the FPGA from linux on the HPS using a C program. I was able to write a simple verilog design that shows patterns on the LEDs which change depending on the number that's written to the memory location using a C program.

I would now like to take this one step further and have this memory location accessible from a file handle located in the linux file system. So that I can do something like this:


echo 1 > /dev/fpga_led_pattern


Where do I begin if I want to do something like this? Do I need to learn device trees to be able to do something like this?

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You could check out the Linux tutorial below on Cyclone V, very useful:

Other than that, you could check out rocketboards on topics such as Device Tree generation, U Boot Compilation etc.:

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Thank you! I realize I will need to build a kernel module to be able to achieve this. There's a very detailed explanation of this on this site, so all good for now. Thank you!


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