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Design over multiple FPGA

Hello all, 


I have a big design to subdivide over multiple FPGA (Cyclone V C8, BEMICRO CV A9). One Master and n-slave that read only from master. 


I have a 120 bit bus that run at 50 MHz. I want to use LVDS so following I have: 

- channels: 12 

- deserialization factor: 10x 

- data rate per channel: 500 MBps 


Now 12 channels are 24 wires and speed is high so.. which cable/connector can I use? Maybe a custom PCB as backplane?
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There are a lot of great high-speed interconnects available. Call your local Samtec rep. They're a great company to work with and will give you good recommendations. Whether to go with cables or a backplane only you can decide based on your system requirements.

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