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EM2130L Regulator with external Sync clock

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Hi Sir, 


Regulator input, output and current requirements. 

Input Volts = 4.0V - 6.0V DC 

Output Volts = 0.95V DC 

Max Current = 25.0A  



In our design we will power the regulator first with default setting, and this power is used for powering an FPGA, 


Once the FPGA is powered, 


On need basis we want to provide SYNC clock generated from FPGA to the SYNC pin of the regulator, 


Kindly confirm, our method of providing SYNC clock is Ok,  

Also when this SYNC clock applied, the regulator output voltage should not be altered.  


In case any issue, Please advise us how to control the SYNC clock based on our present power tree, 


Best Regards, 

Bhavishya AJ
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From datasheet it is clear that  

1.Clock is required before EM213OL powered ON or You need to rest the device to allow the controller to synchronize with the new external clock. 

Which will cause Toggling VOUT.  


This may affect the regulator output voltage which intern affect the clock output from FPGA.Not recommended. 


Why you required sync from FPGA can you elaborate? 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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