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EPCS Virtual Memory

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Hello All, 


I created an Avalon peripheral which enables Nios II to run code directly from the EPCS serial flash. Also user data can be stored in the serial flash.  

You can download it from my website at (


Best Regards, 


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Hello Marco 


This might come in handy for me. I do have two questions however: 


The documentation that comes with the component shows a screenshot of version 1.1, while the core is actually v1.3. In addition to that, in the documentation you say that future versions will add a clock divider, but it seems that this version already contains a clock divider. I guess this means that the documentation is not in line with the actual core. Do you have a more updated version of the user guide, or can you write down the list of changes between the last version and the current one ? 


Also, this core looks for a Cyclone device. I assume it should work on a CycloneII as well. Is there something there I'm missing, or should it be safe to add the CycloneII to the list of allowable device families ? 




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