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Errors in Arria 10 device


I have a design using 10AX057N4,and about 70% ALMs are used. In a low-level module in the design , I define one single-bit input port to constant "1", below module is for example not the real design:

 module_aaa     inst0


.a                        (a),                //input port a

.b                       (1'b1),          //input port b, reference to constant 1

.c                        (c)                //output c


and for a very low probability , I can find that port b will physically be constant '0' .

Why?  what cause  this error? 


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Hi @XG_Kang 


It's hard to determine what really cause the error. What I can suggest is try to simulate the design for design functionality check. 

If the design behave as expected, then you may try to signal tap the device to further debug on this. 

It could be hardware related issue, try to swap with another device and see if the issue persists.


Best Regards,

Richard Tan

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hi @XG_Kang 


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Best Regards,
Richard Tan

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