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Hello World with Cyclone V Development Kit

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Hello, I am trying to get any kind of program running on a Cyclone V GT 5CGTFD9EF35C7N FPGA, but I cannot figure out why it is not working with Quartus. 


I have worked with a different FPGA in the past, also using USB Blaster II, so I know Quartus and USB-BlasterII are installed correctly.  


I made a simple design to work with the LEDs and I tried an example design that I found on the online page for this FPGA. However both give me the same issue when I open Programmer.  

When I open Programmer initially, it shows  


TDI ----> 5CGTFD9EF35C7N ----> TDO 


which is the device I have. (In hardware setup I did select USB-BlasterII) 


However, when I click Auto Detect, it states "Found devices with shared JTAG ID for device 1. Please select your device." I selected the closest prefix, which is 5CGTFD9E5 and the device ordering changes to 


TDI ----> 5CGTFD9E5 ----> 5M2210Z ----> TDO 


When I double checked the device listing under Assignments->Device, I did not see 5CGTFD9E5 as an option. Can someone help me figure out what I need to do in order to successfully write to the FPGA? 


Thanks, Alex
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When a board that you are trying to write to has multiple components that Quartus can configure, the order in which the files you are writing matters. To determine the correct order, I auto-detected the hardware in Programmer and then individually replaced the hardware components by adding the file I wished to write, moving it in the hierarchy to the same location as its associated hardware (by using the up arrow in the GUI), and then deleted the auto-detected version. 


Quartus will expect the number of devices it auto-detects to match the number of devices you are writing to. Be careful to have these match, even if you are only using a subset of the devices on the board. Quartus will output error messages in the main window if an error is generated from something done in Programmer.  



I hope this information will be beneficial to other beginners out there, Alex