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Hot to create an Internal Memory Initialization (.hex) File in NIOS ?

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I'm a beginner in Nios II software development. 

I am using Altera Quartus 14.0 web edition, the Qsys and the Nios II SBT for Eclipse, and device family is Cyclone V.  


I need to generate the internal Memory Initialization (.hex) File in NIOS but i don`t know how to generate Memory Initialization folder inside Software Directory [NIOS II] ? whereas Memory Initialization folder contains .HEX file, qip file and spd file.  


Steps to create memory initialization files in the Nios II Software Developer's Handbook. in which workspace i need to follow the below steps : 

1. Right-click the application project. [Which will indicate application project ?]  

2. Point to Make targets and click Build to open the Make Targets dialog box. 

3. Select mem_init_generate. 

4. Click Build. 

5. Add the .qip (meminit.qip) file to the Quartus II project. 


Can anyone explain me the flow that where should i need to follow the above steps?
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It is (Built-in tool) eclipse project, right click on the project folder(Not on the project BSP folder). 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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