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How to set a multicycle path on my counter ? (if it is necessary)




My design works @125MHz. And for specific reason i need a 18 bits counter.

However, i choose to "relax" my design by using a shift register, and then use bit 0 and bit 3 to increment and to read the value of counter.


To do this, i hope that counter is less constraint. Am i wrong?


Moreover, i think that i can use a multicycle path constraint in order to avoid some timing analysis warnings. Is it correct or am i saying a big stupidity ?


Thanks for all.


Here is an extract of my design file.

The warning is for example between counter and output assignement.

 For information: the design must run on an old Altera Max2.


signal shit_en : std_logic_vector(3 downto 0; signal cnt : std_logic_vector( 17 downto 0); begin process(clk, rst_n) begin if rst_n = '0' then shit_en <= "0001" ; elsif rising_edge( clk ) then shit_en <= shit_en(2 downto 0) & shit_en(3); end if; end process; process(clk, rst_n) begin if rst_n = '0' then cnt <= ( others => '0'); elsif rising_edge( clk ) then if ( shit_en(0) = '1' ) then cnt <= cnt + 1; end if; end if; end process; process(clk, rst_n) begin if rst_n = '0' then out_a <= '0'; elsif rising_edge( clk ) then if ( shit_en(3) = '1' and cnt <= "10" & x"1011" ) then out_a <= '1'; else out_a <= '0'; end if; end if; end process;



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What version of Quartus are you using? I don't know if MAX 2 is even supported by SDC and the timing analyzer. And what is the warning you are getting?


On a side note, you're missing parentheses on line 1, and I'm guessing your signal is supposed to be shift_en (what you have right now is a curse in English!).



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Hello ,

sorry for very late response ;

Can you give me more information as suggested by the above post ?


Thank you ,




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